At her studio in Moustiers, rue de la Clape, Michèle Blanc produces earthenware using only traditional methods developed several centuries ago in this Haute Provence village by Great Artisans such as Olérys, Clérissy, Viry, etc…

Michèle Blanc’s earthenware is all handmade. First, the coloured clay is either shaped on the potter’s wheel, turned, stamped by hand on plaster moulds, or cast.

The individual pieces dry for several days and then the final touches are made to obtain a perfect finish. The next phase is the first firing of the pieces at a temperature of 1020°. 

The fired pieces, called “biscuit”, are then dipped in a stanniferous, pewter-based enamel to ensure a superior quality.

Then comes the most delicate phase : decoration. The unbaked enamel immediately absorbs the brushed-on paint : even the slightest error cannot be made or absolutely perfectly clear designs will not be archieved.

The pieces are then fired a second time at 960°, called “high temperature”, just as the Great Artisans

did in the past, which ensures the brilliance of the enamel and a perfect finish.

Using age-old techniques, Michèle Blanc produces traditional, impeccable quality earthenware.

We will be delighted to show you our work in our 2 outlets "Le Vaisselier" and "La Chimère" located in Moustiers Sainte Marie.


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