Michèle Blanc


Artisan Faïencier Diplômé


 Michèle Blanc and her children perpetuate the traditional manufacture of earthenware Moustiers in his studio rue de la clappe in Moustiers Sainte Marie.

    Village created by the monks of Lérins in 435 who came to settle in the caves and brought us the secret of faience in the 17th century.

The sumptuary edicts decreed by Louis XIV (1689, 1679, 1709) favor the production of earthenware which took its real growth at that time.

The earthenware of Moustiers are invited in all the great residences of the kingdom and throughout the eighteenth century, the village was the center of a great craft activity.

    The largest ceramics museums in the world present productions from Moustiers and the antique market always meets knowledgeable amateurs.

A chain of 225m, which connects the cliffs with in its center a star shines above the chapel Notre Dame De Beauvoir for centuries.

Legendary ex-voto of a knight De Blacas, living income of the Crusades